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Release Date:2014-06-25
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  In 2008, TravelSky launched China’s first mobile website providing authoritative and detailed information for China civil aviation services. Relying on TravelSky''s traditional core business, this website integrates the four major parts, namely, hotels, flights, insurance and travel, with its mobile website services. Being convenient and effective, it has no time or space limitation for information query or order services. The launch is an important step for its brand, and widely recognized by its clients.


  TravelSky mobile value-added services have two parts, mobile websites and SMS. Mobile websites include and the guidance of Classification-Practical Tools-Flights on mobile browser ucweb. According to statistics, the Flight Expert webpage of UCWEB has over 2 million page views per month. Currently, TravelSky mobile website has built its mobile services platform to provide air ticket booking, hotel reservations, travel and insurance products, mobile payment and civil aviation information, with rich content and authoritative data, truly a "Quick Access to Information" for the passengers.


  Short Message Service (SMS) of TravelSky offer the following 3 services:


  • E-ticket verification (sending YZ adding your ID number or YZ13 adding your e-ticket number to 10669018), it can ensure the authenticity of e-tickets.
  • Status tracking for e-ticket (sending GZ adding your ID number or GZ13 adding your e-ticket number to 10669018). After ticket purchase, passengers can send text message to 10669018 and select the service of status tracking for their e-ticket. Once the status changed (being cancelled or dishonored), SMS system will immediately send message to inform passengers, thus offering protection that makes passenger’s trip comfortable.
  • Road information sending (LK adding a city name).

      As the development of communication technology for mobile data and the progress of mobile functions and operations, the mobile website enjoys great potential to offer passengers more comfortable services and more user-friendly experiences.


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