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Berlin has a thriving global art scene and continues to be regarded as a mecca of contemporary art in recent years. Ever since the wall came down in 1989, Berlin has been known as a bohemian paradise due to cheap rents that have allowed a creative course to thrive in the city. The Berlin Senate’s cultural affairs department estimates that approximately 5,000 artists, 1,200 writers, 1,500 bands (pop, rock, and world music), 500 jazz musicians, 103 professional orchestras and music ensembles, 1,500 choirs, 300 theater teams, and 1,000 dancers and/or choreographers of contemporary dance live and work in Berlin. The town continues to inspire artists from all over the world to settle here and live close to the galleries that represent them.

Throughout the past few years, many galleries have migrated to open their assumptions in Berlin. Widewalls created a record of 5 must-visit urban and contemporary art galleries in Berlin. Discover the city’s most exciting art venues with our brand new gallery manual. You can wear your favorite kaftan while you visiting Berlin and have full enjoyment.

12 Top-Rated Museums and Art Galleries in Berlin | PlanetWare

1.Circle Culture Gallery

Focuses on fine art emerging from urban subcultures. It was founded under the name Cc:space through joint efforts of Johann Haehling von Lanzenauer and Dirk Staudinger.

In cooperation with international curators, the gallery has generated a large number of exhibitions based on sub-cultural and urban moves such as street art. Renamed Circle Culture Gallery back in 2006, it’s located in Mitte, Berlin’s famous gallery , and it continues to push boundaries with its lively app. Circle Culture Gallery also opened subsidiaries in Postdamerstrasse 68 at Berlin and another one in Hamburg.

Rent Circle Culture Gallery Circle Culture Gallery Berlin | Spacebase
Circle Culture Gallery

2. me Collectors Room

Me Collectors Room is a stage for global private art collections to present in Berlin. The Olbricht Collection, which features works from the Renaissance up to the present day, has had its permanent home here as May 2010.

Thomas Olbricht often shares the area with other foreign collectors that are encouraged to give the people an insight into their collections in widely themed group shows. Collectors Room has exhibited the collection of Selim Varol and Antoine de Galbert, in Addition to works by Gerhard Richter.

me Collectors Room Berlin me Collectors Room Berlin | me Collectors Room  Berlin
me Collectors Room

3.Urban Spree Galerie 

Is a Berlin based, 400 sqm independent modern art gallery. Set up in a vast postindustrial compound, the gallery defends an artistic grassroots strategy, directed towards cities, graffiti and street artists, photographers, and modern artists. You should consider bringing a recovery drink with you because this is a very big space and you will need the energy to visit everything.

The first floor of the compound is the heart of the Urban Spree notion, where the artists’ ateliers are located. It acts as a Creative Laboratory, where artists in residence produce works for the Gallery and craft limited edition series for the Store.

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The Ateliers are a collaborative place where creativity between artists from different backgrounds is fostered and emulated, and shared with the public through regular creative workshop sessions such as acting classes nyc.

Johannes Mundinger completes the first Urban Spree mural of 2016 - Urban  SpreeUrban Spree
Urban Spree Galerie

4.BC Gallery for Urban and Contemporary Arts 

Opened in April 2013, as a Berlin based outlet for high-end urban and modern artwork. BC Gallery has its headquarters at a brand new top-of-the-line gallery area at Libauer Strasse and a stunning off-location on the famous RAW strip, home to many of Berlin’s underground nightclubs, galleries and culture spots — plus some fantastic murals.

BCG hosts around six solo exhibitions of internationally renowned urban artists each year. The artists who display in the gallery are: Stinkfish, DMV Crew, JAZ and Low Bros..

BC Gallery - Berlin Based Urban and Contemporary Gallery | Widewalls
BC Gallery for Urban and Contemporary Arts 

5.Springmann Gallery 

Represents a selection of recognized, international artists. They are represented through exhibitions, collaborations with institutions, public and private collections, as well as art fairs and publications.

Since the gallery represents significant European artists (Günther Uecker/Rolf Schroeter, Balthasar Burkhard, Daniele Buetti), the gallery’s director Henrik Springmann now concentrates his work to collaborations with international artists residing in or indigenous to the USA, by the creation that’s now in their 30’s to mid 40’s.

Springmann Gallery 

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